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Job Vacancies In Burgan Bank Kuwait

If you want to work in the Middle East (Kuwait) and has education background Bachelor or Diploma such as Secretary, Marketing, Accounting, IT-software, Engineering, you can read these article and mention to submit your job application at the Burgan Bank.

Burgan Bank is a public shareholding company incorporated in the State of Kuwait (Middle East) that started build on 1975. At that time, the Burgan Bank was one of the youngest commercial banks in the State of Kuwait.

Burgan Bank is a private Bank in Kuwait which won the JP Morgan Chase Quality Recognition Award, 10th year in succession and was also acknowledged as the ‘Best Local Private Bank’ in Kuwait in the Fourth Annual Euromoney Private Banking Survey 2007.

In order to improve their services and to developing activities of company, the Burgan Bank recently held many of job vacancies for those who are dynamic, dedicated, willing to learn, grow and achieve to fill the career position as :
  • Agent - Call Center
  • Administrative Asst
  • Sr. Credit Analyst
  • FSR- Financial Services Repres
  • Authorizations / PRM Analysts
  • Secretary Job
  • Application Programmer- Kuwaitis ONLY
  • FSR- Direct Sales
  • Manager- Branch- Kuwaiti Only
  • IT Auditor- Kuwaiti ONLY
  • Asst. Mgr. Operational Risk- Kuwaiti ONLY
  • Systems Analyst
  • Engineer- Kuwaiti ONLY
  • Officer- Customer Trade Services- Kuwaiti Only
  • CEM Resolution Specialist- Kuwaiti Only
  • CRM Manager- Kuwaiti ONLY

Only the applicant in the shortlist will get contact by them. If you interest with the vacancies above, visit the official website : Burgan Bank.

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